Studio Closed
Project Studio Spaces for Rent
Sorcerer Sound has ceased studio operations. The space has been divided up into a number of rooms which are available for rent as Project Studio spaces.Call us at 212-226-0480 or visit our Rental Page for more info.
We still have some gear to sell including vintage Neve Modules plus a huge quantity of parts and manuals for sale. See our sale pages for more information.
Our parent company, Acoustilog, Inc. will continue to provide acoustic consultation services to the recording industry as well as commercial and residential clients.
Sorcerer Sound Recording Studios
19 Mercer Street, New York, New York 10013 (212) 226-0480

Room Acoustics

Sorcerer Sound is part of Acoustilog, Inc., an acoustic consulting company.
Al Fierstein designed and maintains the facility.
Here are a few features of the rooms:


Studio B, our larger room, is an improved version of A&R studio A1, a high-ceiling ambient room from the Sixties. With a front and back balcony and a full-length catwalk, ambience mikes and even musicians can utilize the upper half of the 25 foot height in many creative ways. Special acoustic treatment gives superior ambience, which makes the reflections more enveloping, especially for stereo ambience mikes.

We have 8 electrically-controlled ambience panels that change the decay time in the room from medium to live, and we can construct locally-controlled dead areas, even amplifier rooms, with our special stackable gobos. In our super-live drum room, with a 100 year old marble and stone wall, exclusive metal sound spreaders, and oak floor, we can achieve extra-long natural reverberation, or deaden the room completely with gobos and blankets, which can be done in minutes.

Studio A has superior "warmth" due to its special floated wood floor and wall panels. The wood absorbs and then re-radiates the bass frequencies, which enhances all vocals and instruments, especially the Steinway. The 13 foot ceiling contributes to the excellent naturalness of the room; a very comfortable room to work in.

Both studios have a small dead booth and a live, adjustable drum booth. Studio A additionally has a medium booth for added flexibility.

Control Rooms

Both control rooms have special ceiling treatment which improves frequency response and imaging on both large and small monitors. We have acoustic treatment on both room's consoles to avoid high frequency reflections. Digitally-controlled White equalizers are carefully tuned on a regular basis to ensure excellent correlation between our monitors and the rest of the pro-audio and music-buying community.

We have gone to great lengths to ensure the acoustic integrity of our rooms so that your project can be as great as possible. You won't find this type of care in most studios, but of course, most studios aren't affiliated with a studio design company. We are!

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