Studio Closed
Project Studio Spaces for Rent
Sorcerer Sound has ceased studio operations. The space has been divided up into a number of rooms which are available for rent as Project Studio spaces.Call us at 212-226-0480 or visit our Rental Page for more info.
We still have some gear to sell including vintage Neve Modules plus a huge quantity of parts and manuals for sale. See our sale pages for more information.
Our parent company, Acoustilog, Inc. will continue to provide acoustic consultation services to the recording industry as well as commercial and residential clients.
Sorcerer Sound Recording Studios
19 Mercer Street, New York, New York 10013 (212) 226-0480

Musical Instruments and Amplifiers

Those with access to Microsoft Word (6.0 or higher) or the Adobe Acrobat Reader can download preformatted, easy to print equipment lists for each studio, which include all the musical gear listed here.


Studio A has a 1906 Steinway B seven foot grand piano. Studio B has a 1898 Steinway B. Both were rebuilt by the late Sam Camilleri. These are truly inspiring instruments with that big Steinway sound. For many of our clients the piano was the deciding factor in choosing a studio. You can hear Studio A's piano on the Grammy-Winning Norah Jones CD, including the single, "Don't Know Why"

1959 Hammond C3 Organ with Leslie 122

The Hammond C3 is identical to the B3 in every way except for the case, which has "Church Organ" styling. We are the second owners of this mint condition classic and the original owners used it only in their home. The draw bars are clean and every function works, a rarity among Hammonds these days. The Leslie is also in great shape. Pete Levin says it's the best sounding Leslie he's ever heard. He thinks we must have "hot rodded" it in some way, but in fact we've only repaired it without changing any of the circuitry.

Guitar & Bass Amplifiers


Other Amps


We have two full five piece drum kits, by Tama and Pearl.


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