Studio Closed
Project Studio Spaces for Rent
Sorcerer Sound has ceased studio operations. The space has been divided up into a number of rooms which are available for rent as Project Studio spaces.Call us at 212-226-0480 or visit our Rental Page for more info.
We still have some gear to sell including vintage Neve Modules plus a huge quantity of parts and manuals for sale. See our sale pages for more information.
Our parent company, Acoustilog, Inc. will continue to provide acoustic consultation services to the recording industry as well as commercial and residential clients.
Sorcerer Sound Recording Studios
19 Mercer Street, New York, New York 10013 (212) 226-0480

Tape Machines & Recording Formats

All of our Analog Multitrack and Two Track machines in both rooms are Studers. For audio performance, tape handling, reliability and ease of use no manufacturer has a better reputation. Our Studer A 820 24 Track machines have a "parameter pad" feature that allow us to store your individual alignment data for quick, accurate retrieval on later sessions.

All of our machines are cleaned, demagnetized and aligned every day, for every session. We don't blindly align to just any tones, either. We always check outside tones against our house alignment before we use them. If there are any serious discrepancies, we'll bring them to your attention before going further.

Studio A

Studio B

Noise Reduction

We offer Dolby SR, Dolby A and dbx Type 1 noise reduction for all Multitrack and Two Track formats.

Digital Formats

Other Formats

(The following formats are most often used for transfers of previously recorded material)

Digital Audio Workstation

Digidesign Pro Tools 5.1

Sync and Video

Synchronizers and Accessories


We have three Sony 3/4" U-Matic Video Recorders including a BVU-800 for sync to picture applications. There are video monitors in each control room and tie lines to all studios and iso booths for remote monitors. We also have VHS and Beta 1/2" machines.


Professional transfers you can trust, between any of the following formats:


Two Track

"Sticky-Shed" Transfers

Analog tape stock manufactured since around 1980 is subject to "sticky shed" syndrome. The "binder" used to attach the magnetic particles to the plastic tape backing deteriorates after a few years. When such a tape is played, oxide is scraped off the tape as it passes over the heads and guides. The deposited oxide and binder dramatically increase the friction between the tape and the heads, causing the tape to slow down or even stop.

The tape manufacturers recommend "baking" the tape to solve this problem. We have found a way to use the special features of our Studer machines to allow us to make successful transfers from these damaged tapes, without baking them. When this is unsuccessful, we can provide the baking service as well. Even if another studio has deemed your tape unplayable, give us a call.

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