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Project Studio Spaces for Rent
Sorcerer Sound has ceased studio operations. The space has been divided up into a number of rooms which are available for rent as Project Studio spaces.Call us at 212-226-0480 or visit our Rental Page for more info.
We still have some gear to sell including vintage Neve Modules plus a huge quantity of parts and manuals for sale. See our sale pages for more information.
Our parent company, Acoustilog, Inc. will continue to provide acoustic consultation services to the recording industry as well as commercial and residential clients.
Sorcerer Sound Recording Studios
19 Mercer Street, New York, New York 10013 (212) 226-0480

"Don't Know Why"
Come Away With Me (Blue Note)
October 2000
Jay Newland
Beyond the Missouri Sky, Charlie Haden/Pat Metheny (Grammy Winner); Burnin' Down the House, Etta James; Fear Not the Obvious, The Yayhoos; Nocturne, Charlie Haden (Grammy); Mystery Lady, Etta James (Grammy); Turn the Heat Up, Shemekia Copeland
Jesse Harris
Arif Mardin, Norah Jones, Jay Newland
Ted Jensen
Sorcerer Sound, New York
Piano, acoustic bass, acoustic guitar, drums
Home-made, custom-designed console that is known as the Acoustilog
Studer A820
Genelec 1031, Yamaha NS-10
Neumann M49 for vocals, B&K 4011 on piano, Telefunken U47 and RCA 44 on acoustic bass, Neumann KM-84 on acoustic guitar, Telefunken U 47 on overhead drums, Shure SM57 on snare, AKG D112 on kick, Sennheiser 421 on toms, B&K ambient mic was also used.
Neve preamps were hooked directly into the console. Also used Manley preamps.
Teletronics LA-2A, Neve Compressors, Lexicon 480

Engineer's Diary

As an engineer who has been associated with any number of Grammy-winning jazz projects - among them Etta James and Pat Metheny - it's surprising to learn that Jay Newland's acclaimed work with burgeoning jazz/pop culture icon Norah Jones came not from a grandiose planning session in a posh studio lined in velvet. In fact, the singer/pianist's breakout hit "Don't Know Why" is a live performance taken from the artist's demo, recorded at a modest studio far from the glitter and lights in downtown New York.

"Norah wasn't even signed when we recorded that song," Newland recalls. We recorded 13 songs in two days. The guys came in, they all played live and we laid it down." Once signed to Blue Note, the only additions to the track were a second acoustic guitar and harmony vocals.

Newland met Jones just a couple of weeks before the session, and the two of them scoped out Sorcerer Sound, where they settled on a "funny-shaped room with a drum booth way in the back, and two 6-foot x 6-foot booths in the middle, sort of like a railroad apartment. Norah was in the main room, playing piano and singing at the same time."

Fast forward almost two years later, and that casual session is being bandied about as a 2003 Grammy contender for newcomer Jones. "I'm thrilled to be part of it," Newland says. "I've worked on a lot of great records that didn't find commercial success, so it's exciting to see this become part of popular culture. She's an amazing talent; every time I listen to her, I think I'm her biggest fan."

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